Wednesday, November 18, 2009

driving me crazy

I drove the car to work today. Usually it's the bike ride, been doing that for over 20 years (yikes! The odomoter on this bike is just about to turn 15,ooo kms).

Everytime I drive I get the same feeling of frustration at how much I have to stop and how much I am stuck in traffic. True, on a bike, you stop for traffic signals, but in a car, you can sit there for a few lights before you get through. What's with that? Why would anyone actually want to drive?

It's funny, the traffic jams don't bother me the rest of the time I drive, shopping on weekends, or to soccer practice. I think I've been habituated to not stopping while traveling to work and it carries over to no matter what the transportation method: bike or car. So be it.

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