Monday, September 26, 2011

the need to cope

Not often do I read an article that really resounds as truth to me, but the odd time it does happen. Most of the time I let it pass, but I thought I would record this one. From the article 'Radisson Confidential' by Jonathan Lethem in the Oct 2011 edition of Harper's:

...Is there any chance that the Aspergerian retreat from effective task, in favour of the role of alienated scientist-observer, might be an increasingly "popular" coping stance in a world where corporations, machines, and products flourish within their own ungovernable systems? ...

The only modification I would add to this thought is the causes. Not only can it be 'corporations, machines, and products', but also work environment where you have no control or lose control. One of the coping strategies of the intelligent worker caught in this situation is the role of the alienated scientist-observer. It's all just a social studies experiment.

More bike time

Maybe I'll get back to this and post the picture, but this is just recognition of reaching 20,000 kms on the bike. This happened on a great road trip to the Sunshine Coast. Still looking for a new bike, but it's hard to argue with what works...

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