Thursday, September 06, 2012

back on the b-line

Kids back in school and the 99 b-line is busy busy,. This mornings' ride...
 - no longer the 'freeline' as transit cops at all three doors.
 - kid blaring Korean pop on his iPod. Should be deaf in a few years.
 - women beside me haggling for a new cel-phone plan the whole trip. How boring is that?
 - another kid talking French into his phone. Nice touch with that election just taking place.
 - me re-reading Borge as I grabbed the first book I could find running out the door. Found a bookmark from UWO bookstore in the middle! Last read this book in the 1970s.

This all sort of expanded my view (Borge definately helped) beyond my stuck, stilted work-brain of the past day, and nicely puts into perspective the gnarly tasks of this morning that have been on my mind.

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