Wednesday, October 24, 2007

personal milestones

My bicycle odometer just turned over 10,000 kilometers. No big deal, right? Nothing to brag about (although I did show it to my daughter). But it did get me thinking...

And why did it get me thinking? Well I suppose changing from 4 to 5 digits is a milestone, in the same way that changing from 29years, 364 days to 30 years-old is a milestone. It is a recognition of the sum of events.

But more than that, this is a personal milestone. It's not one I would readily talk about, or need to share. It's make me think about things and provides some sense of personal accomplishment. I think there are other personal milestones like this that we celebrate daily, weekly, monthly, or in the case of my bike riding, every 5 years. I think these private milestones keep us going and interested.

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