Friday, March 13, 2009

helmut siting

One of the things about riding a bike to work everyday (or I suppose traveling the same route to work daily) is seeing the same people going the opposite way, sometimes for a number of years.

There is a blind woman named Joan who is always walking up and down Ontario Street near Riley Park. I used to yell out 'Hi Joan' to her every time I rode past, but I stopped. I thought I was being friendly. I think it spooked her.

I also see a person I've nicknamed 'Helmut' riding his bike on a regualr basis. I've seen him at least once a week, often more, for years (I call him Helmut because he looks German, and his helmet looks a bit like a second world war leftover). It's uncanny. I even seen him when I drive my car to work, and when I'm on the bus. I once saw him way off the bike routes about 2 blocks from my house, as I was driving my car home from work.

Maybe this is some Twilight Zone or Sargasso Sea timewarp or, even stranger, maybe this is normal.

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