Sunday, July 14, 2013

life in boulder city

Boulder city is about an hour east of Las Vegas, and is the town that built the Hoover Dam.
After a day of looking about the area, I walked down the main street of Boulder City looking for food. After walking pass the karoake restaurant splaying out onto the street, i carried on and found a band playing outside ast the Boulder City brew pub.

The brew pub has huge vats of beer from which the glasses(and more) are filled directly. The band sets up outside, no need to worry about rain, and tonight's entertainment was 'Ms Marilyn "B"' ( Don't know if Marilyn could get a gig in Vegas, but it looked like her band were Vegas refugees. They all looked like veterans of the Vegas scene, in their fifties or sixies, now on the down-and-out of the Vegas scene, probably replaced by younger versions, or more likely, canned music.  All the guys were wearing t-shirts with 'Ms Marilyn "B"' on the front. Nice...

The bass player was the leader, looked like 40 from afar, but 60 close-up, that haggard night-club face. But he was Mr. Personality, couldn't help himself, always the toast of the town, even in Boulder City. All the band members, were pro-level. Couldn't help but play their butts off, even in Boulder City. One of them's (don't know which) claim to fame was playing with KC and the Sunshine Band. Drummer, bass, and guitar player all sang songs when Marilyn was taking a break. Drummer's rendition of What's Going On was great. All were probably better singers than Marilyn "B", but hey, it's her gig, her show.

There it is. A slice of just-outside-LasVegas life. You don't need to go far...

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