Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Baden Powell - Part 1

Finally finished the Baden Powell trail. This instalment was Horseshoe Bay to Cypress mountain: 12km.
(However, I decided to treat this end of round one as also the start of round 2, hence the 'Part 1')
I like this view. The leftovers from a bridge construction.

Started from Horseshoe Bay, past Whyte lake, beautiful trail, except for the boulder field (markings bad, up and to the right!), then a bit of a scramble up to Eagle Bluffs.

I had hiked to the Bluffs before (coming the other way), and couldn't find the way down the other side. Now I know why. No markings when you come out of the bush. You just have to trust that going up, finding your own path, is going to work.

Then on to Cabin Lake, via Black mountain. The lake was gorgeous, nice and clear. A bit too chilly for a dip though.

The trail down from the lake is disappointing, gravel switchbacks. Probably much nicer in winter on snow shoes. But, a nice array of mushrooms...

Hitched a ride down from Cypress (no buses!) with an Australian quad from Wollongong. They were sightseeing, so did some tour guide schtick for them. I'm sure they liked it...
Caught a bus right into Vancouver. It's always nice when the transit option uses the HOV ace and bypasses traffic, especially when it's the Lion's Gate bridge.
My phone had died (trying out new GPS trail tracking app that eviscerates the battery), and I hadn't checked in with base camp(Jane) yet, so tried to find a pay phone. No go. They are all gone. All gone...
Asked the Skytrain police about pay phones. They shook their heads. I told them why I needed to call (check in with base camp). The young lad knew immediately what I meant (must have been a hiker). He opened a compartment so I could use their private phone. Nice.
Great day: nice weather, beautiful trail, nice people jumping at the chance help.

Oct 10, 2018

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